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  • Player registration and authentication (can be bypassed if desired).
  • Guest mode.
  • Support for both world-based and room-based games.
  • Matchmaking supporting public and private games. Independent game server instances are dynamically spawned and destroyed as needed.
  • Zone servers that allow you to distribute the game server load across different machines (useful for load balancing or region-based matchmaking).
  • Player properties system that can be used for implementing currencies and achievements with persistent storage in a database. Default implementations are provided for SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB and LiteDB.
  • Chat with support for public and private messages and an unlimited number of channels.
  • Complete and extensively documented C# source code. Customers have access to the private repository of the project.
  • Compatible with games using UNET, including games that use the Network Manager component.
  • Includes demo that showcases the functionality of the kit.

You can find the official master Server Kit wiki here.

Why Master Server Kit?

If you are using UNET as the networking library for your game, Unity Multiplayer Services are an excellent way to get player-hosted games up and running without worrying about the details of setting up your own server infrastructure. But, sometimes, you just need to host your game on a dedicated server. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Custom backend: You need to be in total control of your game backend. This could be for a variety of reasons: player authentication, player data storage or advanced matchmaking facilities, increased ability for monitoring or maybe you just have the team and expertise needed and prefer to do everything in-house.
  • Server-side authoritative game logic: Your game needs to be secure against player hacks. In player-hosted games, one of the clients acts as the server. This means that a malicious client has the potential to alter the outcome of the game. Whether this is important or not will depend on the specifics of your game, but sometimes you really need to be safe against this type of cheats. Running the game logic on an independent, authoritative game server that you control is the best way to ensure that.

Running your game on a dedicated server has therefore several advantages over player-hosted games:

  • More protection against malicious clients.
  • No artificial CCU limit.
  • No need for NAT punch-through or relay servers. Clients are never connected directly to each other but through a dedicated server instead.
  • You only pay for setting up and maintaining your servers (which can be your own machines or a third-party cloud provider like Digital Ocean).

The main drawback is that, of course, you are in charge of everything. You need to pay for the hosting of your servers (unless you physically own them) and make sure they are always available to your players. As they say:

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Master Server Kit has been specifically created to help you with this task. We want you to focus on making a great game instead!

What are the licensing terms of the kit?
The Master Server Kit can only be used under the standard Unity Asset Store End User License Agreement. A Copy of the Asset Store EULA is available here.

The copyright of the Master Server Kit and all of its contents (including both the art and the source code) belongs to gamevanilla ©. After purchasing Master Server Kit, you have the right to use it only for the purposes of developing and publishing a final game.

You are NOT allowed to redistribute or resale the Master Server Kit or any of its contents for any purpose. To distribute or resale this product is NOT permitted under any circumstances and is strictly prohibited.

Please respect our work. Thank you!

Scope of permission for use of the pack:

You may:
Develop and publish a game using this pack.
 Use this pack without a limitation of period and number of times.
✔ Use this pack for any commercial purpose related to your game.

You may not:
Sublicense this kit.
Duplicate/rename/modify this kit for reselling purposes.
Use this kit to damage gamevanilla and/or ricimi.
Use this kit for any unlawful purpose.
Distribute, transfer, rent, or license this kit by duplicating and transmitting publicly the materials beyond the scope of permission set out in this license regardless of whether this kit is modified or altered.

All the items you buy are quality checked by game vanilla. Any future update made available by us is included with every purchase.

Item support includes:
Availability of the author to answer technical questions about how to use the kit.
✔ Get assistance with reported bugs and issues.

Item support does not include:
Customizations and installations.
Help with included 3rd party assets.

Please read the documentation first. Many support queries and technical questions will already be answered in the supporting documentation.

Master Server Kit

A complete library that allows you to host your UNET-based multiplayer game on a dedicated server.
This kit is ideal if you want to host your game on a dedicated server and/or you need to run your game logic authoritatively on the server to help prevent cheating.
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  • Player registration

  • Player authentication

  • Guest mode

  • World-based game support

  • Room-based game support

  • Public & private Matchmaking

  • Zone servers

  • Player properties

  • Public & private chat

  • C# source code

  • UNET compatible

  • Includes demo

Of the several Networking Assets I have tried, Master Server Kit exceeded all expectations. If you are trying to make a Rooms/Table based game, this is the perfect choice! It provided a method for modualrizing your code that is easy to use. You can use it with or without a UNET network manager, yet both methods work great. Also the asset is extremely well documented, and when you have questions (even really newbie ones), the developer goes above and beyond in providing support! And in a very timely fashion. Highly recommend this asset!
A happy customer
A happy customer
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