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Easy-to-use visual editor to change the properties of your game and create your own levels without knowing how to program.
• The game tiles are prefabs and as such can contain animations and extra features.
• Many tile types supported and power-ups that can be purchased in-game.
Optimized for mobile: the UI scales across different (portrait) resolutions, game objects are pooled to keep the amount of garbage generated at runtime to a minimum and sprite atlas are used extensively in order to reduce the number of draw calls.
Random level creator (very helpful!)
30 unique levels included that you can use as a starting point for your own game.
• Support for rewarded ads with Unity Ads.
• Support for in-app purchases with Unity IAP.
• Complete set of unique graphics, animations and effects designed by ricimi.
• Complete and extensively documented C# source code included.

This asset requires importing the free DOTween asset (license here). See Third-PartyNotices.txt file in package for details.

You can find the official Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit Wiki here.

You can find the official Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit FAQ here.

The Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit can only be used under the standard Unity Asset Store End User License Agreement. A Copy of the Asset Store EULA is available here.

The copyright of the Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit and all of its contents (including both the art and the source code) belongs to gamevanilla ©. After purchasing the Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit, you have the right to use it only for the purposes of developing and publishing a final game.

You are NOT allowed to redistribute or resale the Bubble Shooter Kit or any of its contents for any purpose (not even after a complete re-skin). To distribute or resale this product is NOT permitted under any circumstances and is strictly prohibited.

Thank you for respecting our work so we can keep on creating awesome content. 

Scope of permission for use of the kit:

What you can do:
You can develop and publish a game using this pack.
You can use this pack without a limitation of period and number of times.
You can use this pack for any commercial purpose related to your game.

What you can’t do:
 You can’t resell the pack (even after a re-skin).
 You can’t sublicense this pack.
 You can’t duplicate/rename/modify this pack for reselling purposes.
 You can’t use this pack to damage gamevanilla and/or ricimi.
 You can’t use this pack for any unlawful purpose.
 You can’t distribute, transfer, rent, or license this pack by duplicating and transmitting publicly the materials beyond the scope of permission set out in this license regardless of whether this pack is modified or altered.

All the items you buy are quality-checked by gamevanilla. Any future updates made available by us are included with your purchase.

Support includes:
Availability to answer technical questions about how to use the kit via our support form.
✔ Assistance with reported bugs and issues.

Support does not include:
Custom work and re-skins.

Please read the documentation first. Many common questions are answered in it.

Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit

A powerful & complete tool to create your own Match 3 connect game with Unity.
Unity Asset Store
  • Easy to use

  • Visual level editor

  • Random level creator

  • Complete source code

  • Unity Ads

  • Unity In App Purchases

  • Boosters

  • Animated prefabs

  • Animated Level maps

  • High quality graphics

  • Excellent & fast support