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In this course, you will learn how to create your own multiplayer collectible card game with Unity from scratch.

The format of the course is entirely text-based (100+ pages); it does not include any videos.

What will I learn in this course?
You will learn how to create a multiplayer CCG that plays like a simplified version of Hearthstone. Many of the fundamental gameplay concepts needed in a collectible card game will be covered: turn sequence, mana, creature and spell cards, combat, and more. The networking will be server-authoritative, meaning our code will be resilient to hacking.

Who are we?
We are gamevanilla and we are the team behind CCG Kit, the most popular collectible card game asset in the Asset Store. Our teacher is a faculty member of the Postgraduate degree in game design and development at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and a Unity certified developer.

You need to be familiar with the basics of Unity and C# programming. You do not need to have any previous experience with multiplayer programming; you will learn everything that you need to know about it in the context of a CCG during the course.

The code will be written using Unity 2017.3.0 and UNET.

Future of UNET
Unity recently announced they are working on a new multiplayer system that will replace UNET in the future. As soon as there is a preview available, we will start work on updating the course as needed. You do not need to worry about the content of the course being obsolete in a few months; we will update it at no cost for you.

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Things you can do:

✔  You can use the techniques demonstrated in the course, and the knowledge you learn in it, for developing a game for personal or commercial purposes.

Things you can’t do:

You can’t sell, redistribute (even for free), transfer, rent, or license this course by duplicating and transmitting publicly the materials beyond the scope of permission set out in this license regardless of whether this pack is modified or altered.
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Create your own multiplayer CCG with Unity
In this course, you will learn how to create your own multiplayer collectible card game with Unity from scratch.
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  • Introduction to server-authoritative programming

  • Defining the core CCG classes

  • Creating the card prefabs

  • Implementing the CCG game loop on the server side

  • Representing the game state on the client side

  • Adding creatures to our game

  • Implementing combat (part 1)

  • Implementing combat (part 2)

  • Adding spells to our game

  • Defining victory conditions