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  • Server-authoritative multiplayer functionality leveraging UNET.
  • Integrated editor that allows to specify the game’s fundamental properties and create new cards in a visual way.
  • Includes complete demo game in the spirit of the genre’s classics.
  • Includes single-player mode against AI.
  • Game user interface that makes extensive use of Unity’s UI system.
  • Complete and extensively documented C# source code. Customers have access to the private GitLab repository of the project.
  • Includes official integration with Master Server Kit for dedicated server setups (Master Server Kit needs to be purchased separately).
  • Complete set of unique graphics designed by ricimi.
  • Please note this is not a visual scripting framework; you will need to know how to program in C# in order to use and further customize and extend the asset.
  • The accompanying demo game requires importing the free assets TextMesh Pro and DOTween.

You can find the official CCG Kit wiki here.


Do I need to know how to program in order to use CCG Kit?
Yes. While the kit includes an editor that makes it able to define and tweak many of your game’s properties visually, it is not a visual scripting framework. You (or someone on your team) will need to know how to program in C# and have a fundamental knowledge of networking in order to use and further customize and extend the asset.

What is the minimum Unity version required for CCG Kit?
You will need to use Unity 2017.4.0 or higher.

Does CCG Kit run on mobile platforms?
Yes, it does. The UI is also prepared to scale across different resolutions by using a Canvas Scaler that scales with the screen size and anchors (you can find more information about how this works here).

Does CCG Kit run on WebGL?No. Unfortunately, Unity Services (which the kit uses by default for its multiplayer functionality) is currently not compatible with WebGL.

Refund policy

What is your policy on refunds?

As a general policy, we do not accept refunds on assets that have already been downloaded because of the following reasons:

  • There is no way for the assets to be digitally “returned”.
  • We feel that, between the different videos, the description, the official documentation and the screenshots, there is enough information available to customers prior to purchase. Of course, we are also always happy to answer any pre-purchase questions.
  • We do our best to fix any bugs or issues reported in subsequent updates.

Do you offer individual discounts?
We do not. The best way to purchase our assets at a reduced price is when they get selected for a sale.


Do you provide hosting for my CCG?
No. If you purchase CCG Kit, you are still responsible for paying for Unity Services or a dedicated server hosting for yourself.

The kit uses Unity Services’ player-hosted games by default. Isn’t this a less secure option than using a dedicated server?
Yes, it certainly is. In player-hosted games, one player acts as both the server and a client, meaning it could potentially be using a malicious client. This is inherently less secure than using a dedicated server, which manages the game logic in a centralized manner and clients have no control over. The kit uses player-hosted games by default for convenience but there is a complete separation between server code and client code, meaning it will also work in a dedicated server setup. In this case, please note you will still need to implement your own matchmaking system or, alternatively, use the official integration with Master Server Kit.

How do I use the LAN game functionality in the demo game?
The LAN mode is particularly useful for development and to test multiplayer locally, as you can have both the host and the client on the same computer. It can also be used to have games between computers that are on the same network. If you want to do that, you will need to add the following line of code:

GameNetworkManager.Instance.networkAddress = “YOUR_HOST_IP_ADDRESS”;

before the StartClient() call in the OnJoinLANMatchButtonPressed() callback located in the LobbyScene class. “YOUR_HOST_IP_ADDRESS” is a string containing the local IP address of the host machine (you can easily obtain this information via the ipconfig command on Windows and the ifconfig command on Mac OS). If this does not work, please check your network settings and make sure both computers are on the same network and accessible to each other.

What are the licensing terms of the kit?
The CCG Kit can only be used under the standard Unity Asset Store End User License Agreement. A Copy of the Asset Store EULA is available here.

The copyright of the CCG Kit and all of its contents (including both the art and the source code) belongs to gamevanilla ©. After purchasing CCG Kit, you have the right to use it only for the purposes of developing and publishing a final game.

You are NOT allowed to redistribute or resale the CCG Kit or any of its contents for any purpose (not even after a complete re-skin). To distribute or resale this product is NOT permitted under any circumstances and is strictly prohibited.

Please respect our work. Thank you!

Scope of permission for use of the kit:

You may:
Develop and publish a game using this pack.
 Use this pack without a limitation of period and number of times.
✔ Use this pack for any commercial purpose related to your game.

You may not:
Sublicense this pack.
Duplicate/rename/modify this pack for reselling purposes.
Use this pack to damage gamevanilla and/or ricimi.
Use this pack for any unlawful purpose.
Distribute, transfer, rent, or license this pack by duplicating and transmitting publicly the materials beyond the scope of permission set out in this license regardless of whether this pack is modified or altered.

All the items you buy are quality-checked by gamevanilla. Any future updates made available by us are included with your purchase.

Support includes:
Availability to answer technical questions about how to use the kit via our support form.
✔ Assistance with reported bugs and issues.

Support does not include:
Custom work and re-skins.

Please read the documentation first. Many common questions are answered in it.


A complete multiplayer collectible card game kit.
This asset is a great starting point to develop your own multiplayer CCG/TCG and also to learn about how such a project can be architected and implemented.
Unity Asset Store
  • Multiplayer functionality

  • Integrated visual editor

  • Complete demo game

  • Single-player against AI

  • Game user interface

  • Complete source code

  • High quality graphics

  • Excellent & fast support

This was built with flexibility in mind and is extremely easy to customize to whatever your game mechanic with minimal fuss. The doc size had me worried is but its small because it really is that easy to use. You'll be very hard pressed finding a better CCG kit or better support. Well worth every cent! Can't imagine how many hours it has saved me.
A happy customer
A happy customer
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