• This pack includes 90+ high quality graphics used in the Bubble shooter Kit asset.
  • Layered .PSD scene mockups (game scene, level scene, home scene)
  • 6 Layered .PSD and .PNG backgrounds
  • 6 Layered .PSD and .PNG level maps
  • .PSD, PNG, SVG bubbles & icons (Scalable Vector Graphics, which are very useful if you need to re-export the sprites from Photoshop to have a bigger size).
  • 40+ extra bonus game items not included in the original asset
  • Fox character with 5 different moods
  • Lots of elements and icons that make the pack ready to be used in any kind of game, including puzzle games.

Please note that this package does not include the original Bubble Shooter Kit asset for Unity; only the source image files. The complete project for Unity needs to be purchased separately here.

What are the licensing terms of the pack?
The copyright of the Bubble Shooter Kit .PSD Sources Pack and all of its contents (including both the art and the source code) belongs to gamevanilla ©. After purchasing Candy Match 3 Kit, you have the right to use it only for the purposes of developing and publishing a final game.

You are NOT allowed to redistribute or resale Bubble Shooter Kit .PSD Sources pack or any of its contents for any purpose (not even after a complete re-skin). To distribute or resale this product is NOT permitted under any circumstances and is strictly prohibited.

Thank you for respecting our work so we can keep on creating awesome content.

Scope of permission for use of the pack:

You may:
Develop and publish a game using this pack.
 Use this pack without a limitation of period and number of times.
✔ Use this pack for any commercial purpose related to your game.

You may not:
Sublicense this pack.
Duplicate/rename/modify this pack for reselling purposes.
Use this pack to damage gamevanilla and/or ricimi.
Use this pack for any unlawful purpose.
Distribute, transfer, rent, or license this pack by duplicating and transmitting publicly the materials beyond the scope of permission set out in this license regardless of whether this pack is modified or altered.

All the items you buy are quality checked by gamevanilla. Any future update made available by us is included with every purchase.

Item support includes:
Availability of the author to answer questions about how to use the pack.

Item support does not include:
Customizations and installations.
Help with included 3rd party assets.

Bubble Shooter Kit .PSD Sources Pack

This pack contains the official .PSD source files from our Bubble Shooter Kit asset with exclusive bonus contents.

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  • 90+ High quality graphics

  • 6 Layered .PSD level maps

  • 6 Layered .PSD backgrounds

  • .PNG & .SVG bubbles & icons

  • 3 Scene mockups

  • 12 Popup mockups

  • 40+ extra bonus icons

  • Fox character with 5 different moods