These are our frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to reach us if your question is not  answered here. 

Are you available for contracting work?

Unfortunately, we are not.

Do you provide individual discounts for your assets?

Unfortunately, we do not. Your best chance to purchase our assets at a reduced price is to do so when they get selected for a sale.

What is your refund policy on purchased assets?

As a general policy, we do not accept refunds on purchased assets because of the following reasons:

  • There is no way for the assets to be digitally “returned”.
  • We feel that, between the playable demo, the description, the official documentation and the detailed screenshots, there is enough information available to customers prior to purchase. Of course, we are also always happy to answer any pre-purchase questions.
  • We do our best to fix any bugs or issues reported in subsequent updates.

What are the licensing terms of your assets?

All of our assets are governed by the Asset Store EULA. This means you can only use them for the development of your own, final games.

Do you sell your assets outside the Asset Store?

We do not, except for a selection of assets that we also sell directly from our website. If you find any of our assets being redistributed or resold in any other websites, please report the situation to us so we can take the appropriate actions. Thank you for supporting us!

Can your assets be redistributed in any way?

No, they cannot. All of our assets are licensed under the Asset Store EULA, which means you can only use them for the development of your own, final games. They cannot be redistributed or resold in any way; not even if re-skinned, not even if providing a part of their contents, not even if only providing a final package to be uploaded to a store (.APK or similar). Please do not support piracy websites, sketchy resellers or hosting companies that allow these to exist in the first place that try to illegally profit from the hard work of small studios creating original content.