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We are gamevanilla

We love to create great games and game development tools

Who we are

We strongly believe that when we create things with passion, magic happens.

Hi and welcome! We are David (game programmer) and Ricimi (artist), a professional and super creative game company based in Spain. We love to create game development tools and art with a focus on quality and creativity.


Unique visual art and design that will enhance your games and delight your players.


Code that not only works, but is also written with good style and performance in mind.


We believe in the importance of sharing the lessons learned with the community through our school.

What we do

We are focused on creating beautiful, performant game development tools through handcrafted code and unique art that will make your game stand out and produce a satisfying experience for your players.

We combine our Heart and  to help you accomplish your digital dreams.

Meet the team

These are the guys who weave magic in our studio.


I am Ricimi, a German artist. I am passionate about art and creation and have more than 10 years of working experience with several companies as a graphic designer and artist. I like beautiful things and believe that great design lies in the small details.

My favorite game is Animal Crossing.


I am David, a Finnish-Spanish game programmer and Unity certified developer. Programming has elements of both art and science, but it is not exactly like any of them. I love this rare combination of disciplines and gamevanilla is the place where I put my passion into practice.

My favorite game is Dark Souls.

Any question? Just contact us.

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